Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fast life: Who cares for who?

As the new resident for apexart, i will, within the next few weeks, be sharing my experiences in New York with you.
Almost everything in this part of the world seem different from those i am used to, back in Ghana; the weather, transportation, the food, the neighborhood, the people, just name it.
Literally, a cold weather greeted me as i landed on the grounds of New York. A kind of whether that is not usually experienced in Ghana except during the 'hamatan' season. Metaphorically, the cold from the busy, fast,and noisy environment left me thinking of those who do not have relatives in NY. They might feel really lonely sometimes.
What fascinates me most is the way people move brusquely, as though being chased by an unknown force. Probably they are really being chased; but by what? Work? Job? But they seem to be moving forward, probably towards Work or Job. so where stands the work or job to be chasing them? So does this situation leave individuals unconcerned about what goes on around them?
What then can one say about a place like Union Square Park and such other places, where people take time off to sit and probably refresh themselves?They are not running or moving, yet individuals seem to careless about what goes on around them. Maybe that's the NY style: 'mind your own business'. Situation such as this, will be branded in Ghana, "everybody for himself God for us all ".

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Abigail said...

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Anonymous said... see? that's Newyork for you. that kind of life is gradually creeping into our African societies thus destroying the Africal philosophy of togetherness and everybody as thier brothers keeper etc.

in Africa, a every human gesture is every body's concern.

don't worry,'ll be back home soon where when you dont smile it affects your neighbour.

October 25, 2007 10:02 AM
Yaw said...

i've been in Newyork a couple of times. i can bear with the writter of "Fast life: Who cares for who" as a Ghanaian. it's a time Machine this Newyork.

October 25, 2007 10:12 AM
apexart-resident said...

its great to know that, there are people out there who appreciates the fact that NY life lacks that Ghanaian 'togetherness'.
Can something be done about it?
Maybe attention should be paid to the artist community. I think they have the answers.